Snowfilm Fes in Moerenuma

Big Thanks to the crew at B.C. Map backcountry shop for all the help putting on the movie event at Moerenuma park yesterday. It is such a pleasure to perform in that fantastic glass pyramid! This time the event was a short film few style with each movie production showing about a 15 to 20 minute version a total of 7 films were shown.

It is interesting to note that out of the 7 films shown 6 were basically  freeride snowboarding/skiing movies.  There was only  one that  could be considered a freestyle movie with lots of tech tricks.  All 7 movies were made here in Hokkaido.  The quality level of film production in Hokkaido is improving rapidlly that could be observed for certain.


The only disappointing thing was the almost total lack of DVD sales at the event.  I sold zero, The production next to me sold like 2 copies and I don’t think there were many more sold.  The place was pretty packed so I am assuming that most of the customers were related in one way or another to one of the productions, which creates the feeling of I can probably get one free!  Oh well no big deal.


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