5 am Manryu

Congradulations to Yusuke and his wife Atsuko! I was the photographer at their wedding on the 9th right after I got back to Japan. It was a great wedding so many long time friends there it was really a lot of fun to shoot the photos. I will post about the wedding soon, for today I want to share a few shots from the very late after party. at 5 am I found myself with a few friends from the wedding. We had had a few drinks and we were hungry, the call was made to eat fried rice and Ramen at Manryu, a local shop in the heart of susukino. It was there that I captured the following scenes. Classic Sapporo stuff. Where else can you eat delicious food at 5 in the morning but Japan.


Check out this dude, he obviously has the night shift, can you imagine dealing with drunk people falling asleep in their bowls of Ramen everynight?

There you have it, lucky they didn’t put their faces in the dish.  I just wonder if they really fell asleep at the exact same moment.  Or did one dude crash the then his buddy was like, yeah why not take a little nap here in the ramen shop!


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