Heli flight around Jozankei

Big thanks to my favorite heli pilot Mr. Sekiguchi for two fantastic flights around the Jozankei area yesterday and the day before.  Tomorrow is the last day you can take the flight so if you are in the area I highly recommend that you  drop by  and drop the cash for the flight.  It is well worth the ¥10,000 to see the area from the sky.  The fall colors are not the greatest this  year, but from the vantage point of the heli I was still really impressed!

Anytime you can hop in a multi million dollar machine and go for a spin I highly recommend it! The owner of this heli likes and owns a red Ferrari so he had this heli painted red as well.

Mt. Muine in the distance.

Hoheikyo dam

colors blazing in the morning light, this flight was about 10am.

low flying over a ridge.

We did a nice loop around the village got to see it from all angles.

Second flight with the player crew, Dai-Hard, King of Diggin Muro and @Daisukeoguchi

This flight was more acrobatic in nature.  Here our pilot pours on the G’s banking into a steep dive before pulling up near the valley floor.  We were all screaming like little kids!

Everybody very stoked!

Again big thanks to pilot Sekiguchi, respect the driving skills!

Remember the more you scream the more acrobatic he gets!


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