Tokyo Sunday

Back home in time for a record breaking snow storm!  Arrived back home at about 3pm to find 3 cm of fresh snow on the ground, then at about 7pm the storm decided to get serious!  There is at least 20cm on the ground now and it is still dumping!  Crap, still don’t have my tires changed on two of three cars and there is still a ton of stuff to do around the house!

This is the biggest early season storm I have ever seen in Hokkaido in the last 19 years, at least that I can remember.  Hope it is a sign of a huge winter coming!


Picked up a rain cover for my camera bag pack at the new North Face store.

Crazy roofing at Tama Plaza in Tokyo.

Shibuya night shots.


Great door at the new “Green Room” office location.  Ad agency that I work with in Tokyo.

Also one of the oldest elevators in Tokyo, love the classic push buttons.

Time to head home, Lots of new things at the haneda airport, they are overhauling a lot of signs etc., as the new International wing has opened.  You can now fly directly to LA from Haneda!

The infamous Pokemon jet sighted upon landing in Sapporo!





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