First snow is deep!

The first snowfall set a new record here in my little village of Jozankei.  We got about 30 plus cm of snow by yesterday morning!  My 74 year old neighbor said that has only happened two or three times in his life!  I remember getting about 5 cm on November the 3rd five years ago.  Maybe this is the mega season we have all been waiting for.  here are some shots from yesterday morning about 7 am.  I walked around the neighborhood for about 30 minutes in the morning trying to capture the magic of the first snow.

Although it is very pretty and everyone is excited about the first snow of the season, I have to make a note here.  The tree population took are hard hit with this storm.  Due to the fact that most of the trees at lower elevations still had leaves on the branches the combined weight was too much for some.  At night in my office I could here the sound of branches snapping and the thud of trees falling over.  Just in my neighborhood I would say at least a hundred trees were down by morning.  The electric company was having a field day trying to cut branches and trees that had fallen on power lines all day today.

Red leaves on a maple tree with snow, unusual scene for this area.

The One Films mobile studio is ready for action!  Let it snow!


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