It has been a crazy week! Had no time to blog, heck didn’t even have much time to sleep!

On Thursday I took a short one night trip to Tokyo for the special reception at the North Face Standard store in Harajuku. This was a collaboration event to celebrate the creation of a new product under the North Face label. For the first time ever Gore-Tex has been applied to the Pertex material and made into what might be the lightest ever waterproof jacket. This limited edition Jacket is for sale at Standard now, so get one before they are gone. This is Tokyo trust me they will go fast. Here are a few shots, you can see more on the web site, click to check it out.

If you want to get your geek on go straight to the 4th floor and read up on the history of Pertex and Goretex and how they combine the materials.  Displays are pretty  cool looking as well.

The Standard entrance and interior has been redone for the event and will stay this way for the next two or three months.

Thanks go to Hayabusa for the nice story and use of my  pics.


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