BLUETiFUL exhibition

Thanks to all who came out for the opening reception at Slope Gallery on Tuesday.  Finally I am back home after a long trip and I have a few photos to share from the exhibition.  This is for those of  you who won’t be able to make it to Slope Gallery before December the 28th!

Over view shot of the whole gallery.  Yes I painted the mountain lines you see on the wall.  Nice to be able to paint directly on the wall of a gallery.  The Slope Gallery management very cool and liberal.  After each exhibition they paint over the walls.  The 20 pictures you see on the walls are actual copies of the books mounted directly to the wall.  The left page features a sequence photo of Ken Shibuya from about 7 or 8 years ago.  When you flip through the book quickly you can see his riding come to life like a comic strip.  I wanted to express that and feature that section in the gallery, so I thought there is no better way then just showing the book!

I put foot markings at two spots on the floor because if you stand right there and look left…..

The sequence lines up very nicely!

I also made four large A1 size prints and had them mounted back to back.  The carpenter Otomo made some beautiful teak wood frame that look great.  From the inside of the gallery you can see these two shots I made of Mt. Yotei.  They are actually landscape photos that have been trimmed to fit vertical in the A1 size.

And there it is lots of  copies of Bluetiful on desplay and for sale at the gallery.  If you are in the harajuku area before the 28th of this month please stop by and check it out!

Here is a closer look at how the books are attached to the wall.  Very simple screw and washer set up straight through the binding of the book!

Slope Gallery link!

Blog post on the Bueno! Books site


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