Blueblood ad and KP Interview

I have some work on display in the magazines out this month, so thought I would share with you all here on the blog.

First up is the new advertisement for Blueblood. This is a shot from Asahidake last season. This was literally shot roadside. I was injured and couldn’t ride so Yama and Hayato were nice enough to perform for me right on the side of the road. We spent the whole morning shooting short lines within view of the road! I just sat in my car until they were ready each time!

That ad is featured in Japans snowboarder magazine.

Up next is the interview and photos I did for TWJ with KP better known as Kevin Pearce. It was an honor and pleasure to visit his family home, meet his mom and brother and talk with Kevin about what happened and what is to come. Very inspirational trip. The interview is out now in Trans-World Japan. It was translated into Japanese…. I might try to post the English version here on my blog a little later.

Pick up a copy at your bookstore and check out the interview!


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