A few days in Niseko

A fantastic storm finally arrived here in Northern Japan. The last three or for days have been an amazing display of natures power. The Niseko range and the Tokachi range have been getting blasted with some of the best powder.

I was in Niseko the day after it started snowing, within one day the whole area was transformed from a hard packed resort to a powder heaven. After that it never stopped snow. I drove back and forth to Sapporo once and let me tell you it was not a pleasure. The total white out conditions were some of the worst I have ever experienced! Visibility was down to less than 10 meters most of the time and after a car passed in the other direction it was even less. With no definition at all it is impossible to know where the side of the road is, everyone naturally drifts to the center of the road… Rather dangerous driving conditions.

Funny this is the storm never made it over the Nakayama mountain pass, as soon as I crossed the peak it was sunny on the Sapporo side! Total white out to blue sky!

The riding was some of the best early season riding I have ever experienced. I say early season because the snow levels were so low before this storm that the mountain still has that early season feel. The terrain is still not filled in, so there are bumps and pillow lines every where! It is like a huge natural ungroomed park out there.

The good news is that it is still snowing and does not look like it is going to stop for at least another week! Rusutsu also lots of snow, Kiroro quite good as well and even Teine is said to be really good right now! Keep it coming!


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