Rough driving great riding

The driving conditions continue to get worse in certain areas of Hokkaido. The storm cycles keep pounding the northern island with more great snow fall. This season the snow fall is really concentrated in certain areas, like Niseko and Iwamizawa, and very little in other areas. Niseko got a meter of fresh in one day yesterday and Iwamizawa has been getting blasted. I drove though the small town three days ago on the way to Furano and was blown away by how much snow had fallen. It is ashame there are no mountains there… not much use for all that snow…

So I am back from the first Car Danchi trip of the season. We have started filming for Car Danchi 5 the new episode to be released in September of this year. What a great trip to start off this new movie. Special guest Nakai of the Samurai 7 joined us along with Ue, Yama, Hayato and Yuta. Everyone was having a blast. We hiked, rode powder, cruised the groomed runs at Furano, hit the side country, ate great ramen, stayed at a classic mountain cabin, drank a little Japanese sake, hiked some more and smiled the whole time!

Great trip and great way to start the filming season!


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