Niseko Wrap up

Back from a three day shoot with Hiroshi, Detz, Ue, Matui, Deka-cho and more in Niseko. We got lucky with a sunny day, the first sunny day in Niseko of this new year! It didn’t snow much while we were there, but if you know where to look in Niseko there is always going to be some snow!

The full story from this trip will appear in magazine some time this season. For now here are a few random shots from the trip. Recently I have been getting it to these “off” shots. The last shot of a sequence, rider flying out of the frame, random kind of stuff. I keep reminding myself to keep pressing the shutter, heck its digital, not like it costs more to shoot a few extra frames. You never know what magic kind of shot you are going to capture.

Uemura out of focus and leaving the frame.


Random out the car window shot

Dark night riding shot of Uemura.

also night shot of Ue carving out of the frmae.

The Japanese military ski training at Chisenupuri Niseko.

Random unknown snowboarder taking a nice line.

The morning groomer at Annupuri

Ue going for  it Peter Bauer style with a super layed out toe side carve.

We ran into snowboard legend Endo-san at the Moiwa lobby!  I hadn’t seen him for a few  years.  Always good to know that the local legends are still riding!

Final shot is Pow Com rider Mako coming out of his own spray cloud!

Big thanks to Detz and Hiroshi for a great trip!


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