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Dad goes snowboarding

Have to show everyone my Dad giving snowboarding a try after a quarter century blank!  I think we rode together for one day about 23 years ago in the  deep powder of Rusutsu.  This was back in the days with Burton performer Elite boards and sorels on our feet.

I am pretty stoked that he decided to  give it a try again, this time with the latest tech Burton Custom flying V and a nice pair of boots.  After a few tries he was up and side slipping down the  mountain!

In the end he decided it would probably be better to stick with skiing,  but I pretty stoked that he gave it a try and looked good doing it!


Check it out,  long time friend and “senpai” Ito-san has produced a new off the radar restaurant in Hirafu!  Called Tairyoya, he is serving Hokkaido’s freshest fish to be grilled to your personal satisfaction at your own table.  A Hokkaido tradition for sure, this is the best way to eat fresh  sea food.  I call the restaurant off the radar,   because it is not listed in  any guide book yet and is not on any of the maps yet.  So get in there  and check it out before everyone finds out about it.  While you  are there tell Ito-san  Neil sent you and then check out his crazy collection of rare Adidas related art work and his shoes!

Located across the from Seicomart and just 30 meters down a side street you will find a Yurt that is home to Tairyoya.

Blueblood shoot

Going back a few days to pick out some shots from the Blueblood shoot in Akita. This was our tenth anniversary shoot so it was a special one! Really good fun, we had a great house to stay in with amazing hot spring built in. The snow was amazing while we were there and the vibe was perfect. I don’t think I have done anything for a longer consecutive period of time than the Blueblood shoots. Ten years is certainly a record for me. I hope we can keep it up for another ten years at least! Big thanks to the team for putting in a lot of effort this year and thanks go out especially to Caron and Guro for their support!

Visiting the local Buddha to ask for more powder and sunshine.

Ken with his hand cut hand made “Yukiita” Snowboard

Roadside backcountry.  We have now officially renamed this type of riding as “Garden boarding”   after shredding in a large garden behind a house as the owner watched.  In the end he asked one of the crew, “What are you training for?”

The hot spring in our house.

Our studio set up, my work space.

Key and Tsukasa

Dinner made nightly by the crew!

Tazawa Lake final prayer.

Book for Tomamu cat tour – one seat left

I will be heading to Tomamu this coming Friday and Saturday with Mino Yuusuke for a Cat Boarding session. I just called and there is only one seat left. If you are in Hokkaido and want to ride some powder with Mino and I please book the last seat. I will be filming the riding both days and editing a special DVD that will be for sale to those who join the trip.

Here are the details in Japanese

『第1回 見野雄祐プロ TOMAMU CAT TOUR presented by YONEX』

当日はニール・ハートマン氏による、動画の撮影を行います。編集DVDの販売もあります。ぜひご参加ください! ⇒詳細はコチラ


☆Presented by YONEX☆

2010年2月11日(金)、2月12日(土) 1泊2日
08:30 トマムリゾートセンター集合、CATツアー内容説明
08:45 現地エリアまで車にて移動
09:00 現地到着、ライディング(3runs予定)
12:00 ランチ(現地エリアにて)
13:00 ライディング(2runs予定)
16:00 現地エリアからトマムリゾートまで車にて移動
16:30 ホテルへ到着
17:00 アフターセッション
18:00 アフターセッション終了
19:00 スペシャルディナー(食事会)
21:00 解散

07:00 各自レストランにて朝食
09:00 冬山解放デスクにて受付後、見野プロとゲレンデでセッション
12:00 ランチ(昼食代はツアー料金に含まれませんので各自ご用意ください。)
15:00 解散 (リフト1日券はツアー料金に含まれます。)

3)年齢20 歳以上。

お一人様 42,000円〜47,250円
食事:夕食1回(ウェルカムパーティー)、朝食1回 ※ドリンク(アルコール類)は別料金となります。

トマム ザ・タワー

・ツアー名(YONEX CATツアー)・お名前・参加人数・ご連絡先をお知らせください。

Tel:0167-58-1111 トマム代表(10:00〜17:00)