Back from Neverland

Back from an 8 day road trip to the main island!  It was amazing, our timing could not have been better.  We got to Akita by ferry and found the temp’s cold, like really cold, Hokkaido kind of cold!  We spent a week at Tazawako ski area and it was impressive.  Great snow, great terrain and the hot springs were incredible!  More about that area in a later post.  for now check out the photos from our last day on the main island in Aomori prefecture.  The famed yet still relatively undiscovered gem Hakkoda-san.

Famed for the snow monsters, massive fir trees caked in snow, they are truly amazing to see up close.  We got so lucky with a sunny morning, just enough time to snap a few photos and video, then the clouds moved in for the rest of the day.

From the window of the gondola first ride up in the morning.

Gondola station caked in snow.

What an incredible view, it felt like we had landed on another planet!

A small  party heads out on a tour.

The Car Danchi crew, Hayato, Yama, Mino.


Zoomed in check out the insane wind lips everywhere!  The trees affect the wind flow and I guess that is what creates those amazing lips.

For size comparison.

Loving my Big Fish in this terrain.

Mino taking a break.

Getting dark time to head home.


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