Blueblood shoot

Going back a few days to pick out some shots from the Blueblood shoot in Akita. This was our tenth anniversary shoot so it was a special one! Really good fun, we had a great house to stay in with amazing hot spring built in. The snow was amazing while we were there and the vibe was perfect. I don’t think I have done anything for a longer consecutive period of time than the Blueblood shoots. Ten years is certainly a record for me. I hope we can keep it up for another ten years at least! Big thanks to the team for putting in a lot of effort this year and thanks go out especially to Caron and Guro for their support!

Visiting the local Buddha to ask for more powder and sunshine.

Ken with his hand cut hand made “Yukiita” Snowboard

Roadside backcountry.  We have now officially renamed this type of riding as “Garden boarding”   after shredding in a large garden behind a house as the owner watched.  In the end he asked one of the crew, “What are you training for?”

The hot spring in our house.

Our studio set up, my work space.

Key and Tsukasa

Dinner made nightly by the crew!

Tazawa Lake final prayer.


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