It was about ten years ago that I first learned about split boards. Masa Takeuchi and camera man YAMADA Hiroyuki were the first people I knew to make them and I remember watching them hike with ease in niseko’s deep snow. Right away I decided I had to have one so I sent my Burton Super Model 74 away to the Batsu Gun tune up shop and had then cut and mount the Viole hard wear of the time. I was so stoked when that board arrived back at my house!

Now ten years later the world has gone wild about split boarding again and it is time to rekindle that fire. The gear has improved alot in the last decade so it is with great pleasure that I set up my new Freebird made by Burton snowboards. The board is compatible with the Viole system that is now angle adjustable. Plus I now have a pair of the Spark R&D/Voltage collage bindings. These are split specific binding so there is now need to use the heavy plate that Viole provides. This reduces weight and keeps your feet closer to the board.

Plus a great improvement has been made to the skins that you attach to the base when hiking. Instead if a sticky glue the latest technology uses a suction cup tech to stick to the board. Tius keeps the base of the board clean plus the skins are easy to pry apart. I have terrible memories of dealing with my old skins!

So check it out here are a few shots of my classic set up and my new set up. I plan to be busting out the Freebird during my trip to Niigata.


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