The Day after

Well it has been a long day here in Northern Japan. Basically I’m watching the news unfold live on TV all day long while trying to spend some quality time with my family. The scale of the damage is truly hard to comprehend at this point. The live footage of the Tsunami hitting continues to amaze and bewilder. Today a series of new clips have been shown over and over on TV. The raw power of nature is almost too much to handle in some shots. Then add to that the latest news about an explosion at the Fukushima Nuclear reactor. This has been much the focus of news reports throughout the day. The Government obviously trying to keep the press from going crazy with this story. I found a clip on YouTube which shows the reactor building exploding, but not once have I seen this clip on regular TV. Obviously it was shown once at least. Interesting that they don’t repeat it over and over.

Latest reports now saying that three people have been hospitalized with radiation contamination. Apparently there is a hospital nearby the reactor and many people were waiting there for treatment when the reactor building exploded.

It is certainly a heavy situation here in Japan right now. Thanks for all the comments and wishes through Facebook etc., It is certainly going to be a long road to recovery here in Japan, with some cities completely destroyed recovery may not be a possibility in certain areas.


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