I am not quite sure what to think about this video.  It was made within days of the troubling events at the Fukushima power plant and it basically explains in very simple terms what is going on down there.  The simple terms include, “shit” and “Fart” so don’t watch if you are not into that kind of talk.

It is kind of a typical Japanese cultural reaction to make an animated video about something so serious.  I am pretty sure that the video is aimed at adults rather than the elementary school kids that the vocabulary suggests.  So that makes it all the more difficult to judge.

I wonder if Russia made animations to inform its citizens after Chernobyl, or what about the US after Three Mile Island….?

Either way it is worth watching, subtitles are in English and the facts come across straight forward and easy to understand.  It makes you want to laugh, but unfortunately it is not a laughing matter… It does have a strangely soothing effect though…

Check it!


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