Hikarigahara prints

Last few days I have been working on photos I shot at Hikarigahara as part of a photo service day. I am making the photos availible for prints to the customers who were there that day. Yesterday made some test prints at my local Costco to check the quality and size. Here are two of the shots that I used as test prints.

Masa Takeuchi on his home turf , looking relaxed in the moment. Funny story about getting this shot. I actually slid down the side of this chute for about 20 meters, hence the angle you see. I was try to cut across the top of the chute to get a high side angle when I lost my toe side edge and suddenly found my self bouncing down the side of the chute. The snow on the right side was very icy and it took me awhile to get my edge to stick in the snow enough to stop. I got lucky, I actually had my camera out around my neck, it was bouncing around on the snow as I slide down, but nothing broke and it didn’t hit me in the face! Once I stopped I decided that was where I was going to shoot from! No more trying to move around, in the end it worked out great, I like the shot!

Next shot is Shunsuke Hoshino who works as a guide for Masa at Hikarigahara. He is usually the tail guide, but this time he got the first shot at getting a classic cat boarding shot. We had the Cat operator move the cat into the frame and set up for this one. Nice spray Shun!


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