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Hiroshi always finds they interesting films to introduce on his blog. That is why I check his blog daily!

This one is a documentary about a classic instrument.


Great blog posts from 37 Frames

Some great photos and nice commentary on the situation in Tohoku from Trace & Dee two Aussie photographers based in Tokyo. They have been making several trips to the area to cover volunteer efforts and photograph. So really touching stories included.

37 Frames Photography

Congradulations to Shinya!

Original Car Danchi crew member Shinya Nakagawa made the trip to AK this month to take part in the King of the Hill contest held there. He was the only Japanese rider to take part in the contest and I am so stoked he finished in the top ten! 8th place to be exact!

Here is the edited video from the contect on Vimeo. Shinya actually gets the last two cuts in the video! Make sure to pick of the next edition of Car Danchi coming out this fall to see more of his riding!

Another Japanese Journalist to follow!

I am stoked on this guy, Iwakami Yasumi. I don’t know all his details, but he is doing a lot of great independent reporting on the Fukushima situation now. Check out his collection of videos on Vimeo, lots of great interview with relevant people and he also does a lot of like Ustreaming of the videos and press conferences he goes to.

Here he interviews a man who was involved in the original construction of the Fukushima Daiichi plant. I think this is the guy who quit the job because he was unhappy with all the coverups and problems during the building of the plant.

Now here is Masayoshi Son the president of Softbank at his press conference on the 22nd of this month. He goes into great detail about the energy industry in Japan and explains why he has formed a new company to sponsor research into Natural Energy. This guy is a fantastic speaker.

たいへんだ Some interesting facts

Interesting fact. The present day radiation level 4klm from Chernobyl in a small village is about 4 microsieverts per hour. Keep in mind no one lives there even to this day as it is inside the exclusion zone.

The Japanese Government is allowing schools and kindergartens to operate and let children play outside up to 3.8 microsieverts per hour in Fukushima.

Would you let your child go to school 4 Km from Chernobyl? What if there was a really great exchange program and your child wanted to go? Would you be like, sure go ahead, but just don’t spend to much time outside ok!

No I don’t think so, well that is what the Government is telling everyone to do in Fukushima area.

Check out this guy below, if you read Japanese you should probably follow him on twitter, he has a lot of great timely information.

Ryuichi Hirokawa

Here is an interview with Koide-san from Kyoto University he also is shocked by the Governments decision.

For more detailed info you might what to check the web site of the ICRP (International Commission on Radiological Protection) they have a PDF entitled “Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Accident” that has some interesting statements about recommended radiation dosages.

Basically they are saying that in an emergency situation 20 Millisievert a year is allowable and I guess that is what the Japanese Government is basing there new rule on.  Keep in mind this is the same level allowed for German Nuclear Power plant workers.  You probably would not want to send your child to hang out in a nuclear power plant for a year either…

So once again please check my previous post for more info and a link to sign a petition against the governments decision.