Lets not forget

I am continuing to collect these videos that show the destruction caused by the Tsunami’s of 3/11. Somehow it feels important to watch and re watch these terrifying moments. There is a lot to learn from watching these video’s.

The guy who filmed this is a nut case or he was very confident in his choice of location. Filmed incredibly close to the sea is interesting to see the filmer slowly moving to higher ground throughout the video. At about 8:15 in the video you can see a small car trapped on a highspot on a road as waves wash in front and behind. Then at the very end the waves pour completely over the concrete walls and the video cuts off shortly after that almost as if the camera man pressed stop in shock.

There is a lot of video footage of this city getting completely destroyed but this clip is quite graphic. The camera zooms in and out on people stuck on roofs, a lady getting in her car trying to get away etc.,

Amatuer video shot from a high hill side shows people running from approaching wave.

I certainly hope they show these movie to all future generations to raise the level of awareness concerning Tsunami danger. You have to see it to believe it.

Hardcore footage from people who are way to close for comfort.


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