Must watch Documentary series

Since the whole world has been shaken up with the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster here in Japan, I think it is time we all start thinking about the bigger picture again. Here is a great documentary that covers all of the problems we are facing today and the recent history of how those problems came to be in Politics and business. A must watch documentary hosted by Woody Harrelson.

Is there a documentary out there that deals specifically with power company’s and the monopoly that they have over our economic system? If anybody knows of a good one let me know I want to watch and study up.

It has been really interesting to watch the events unfold here in Japan the last few weeks. Tokyo and the economy there in is completely at the mercy of a single power company. TEPCO. They lose two nuclear power plants and suddenly rolling black outs are wreaking havoc on life and the economy of the worlds largest city. A single privately owned company is the controlling factor of that economy. Of course now TEPCO will not be private for much longer, the Japanese government is going to have to step in and save the company.


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