Gumboots and Shochu!

The guys at Niseko Photography have done it again! They actually made a second trip to take relief items from their base in Niseko to “Otsuchi” one of the hardest hit towns during March 11th Tsunami.

They made a short film about their first trip called “A small Relief Effort” which I posted on my blog earlier. Now they have made a second and equally touching short film about their second trip.

Please watch this film it really gives you a great sense of not only the damage but also the will of the local people. The way they have so casually filmed and probably being “gaijin” has really made for a special kind of film.

Right now we are so overwhelmed with the sheer number of news stories about this disaster on TV. Plus the normal TV news reports all follow the same formula. They know how long to show a close up of a child crying, or an elderly person looking hopelessly into the distance, they know what shot is needed to evoke emotions in us the viewer. Plus I think it is really impossible for people to be natural when a TV crew shows up with huge betacam on shoulder, sound guy hovering around, lights, director etc.,

So it is really refreshing to see something made by real people just going down there to help other real people! They actually show local people smiling which is something that the mass media probably edits out of their reports.

Thanks again to Aaron Jamieson and Jay Mcgregor for going there and creating these films to share with us. Again great job guys.

I will post both videos here again watch from the first if you have not already seen it.


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