Welcome to level 7

Hi everyone and welcome to Level 7, looks like we are going to be here for awhile so get comfortable!

Very disappointed to hear that Fukushima Nuclear Accident has been elevated to a level 7 the highest on the scale.  A week after this whole disaster started I knew we would get to level 7, I could just feel it.  But it is kind of like knowing you got an F and actually seeing the report card…  It bumms you out right?

It was such a beautiful day today in Sapporo that I arranged to shoot for Car Danchi with Tomoki, Mino, Hassy and Shimo at Annuppuri. It was a gorgeous spring day, a great day for filming, the only thing that could mess that up would be a radioactive partical spewing level 7 reactor!

Despite the bad news, still had an epic day with Tomoki leading us around the mountain. The snow was still very hard packed on our first run, but we followed natures lead and took it slow. Our patience paid off and we were making great slushy soft turns by the next run!

Niseko by the way is amazingly empty. If you live in Sapporo or have the money to travel right now, please come and ski/ride at Niseko. The spring conditions are great this year and I am very serious when I say nobody is there. I can’t believe the resort continues to stay open on the weekdays. The only people out riding right now are seasons pass holders and there were maybe 15 to 20 people skiing today max!

Great session guys. thanks so much!



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