Much watch video better quality

I got a message from Octy on my blog informing me of a better quality version of the video I posted two days ago.

This is a great lecture from a guy named Tanaka-san an author here in Japan. When I posted the video I wrote in Japanese, 日本人かならずこれみてください!In English that means, “all Japanese people must watch this video” Apparently that hit a chord with a lot of people, because that post got a ton of views! Thanks for taking the time to check it out.

Please spread the word about videos like this one, share on your blog, Facebook, Mixi, Twitter whatever outlet you use. This is our chance to change japan and the world for every future generation to come.

I have been getting tons of great information from the Facebook “Fukushima Reactor Feed” It is so important that we all share articles, videos and info concerning what is going on.

It took a Facebook page and a few weeks to overturn Egypt, while can’t we do the same thing here in Japan.

Shut down the Nuclear power stations for good!

Now here is the better quality video from Tanaka-san!

Did you know that Electric Power company’s are the biggest source of advertising ¥ for Japanese TV stations?

Check out a few of the commercials they use to promote their message of safety and Eco conciousness. I have watched hundreds of these commercial maybe thousands in the 20 years I have lived in Japan and never really thought much about it….

Now I am thinking again.

Not only does Nuclear power have the power to kill the Ecology as we are witnessing right now, but it also kills the Economy. The very economy that the power company says it is supporting safely with Nuclear techonology.

The tourists have gone home and they are not coming back anytime soon. Nobody is going to be buying, fish and veggies from Fukushima for a long long time. Japan’s reputation has been tarnished forever!

Now check out some of the commercials, hot chick, slick graphics, lots of clean white backgrounds, cute kids and of course the Eco message to add the killer punch!

I love this one, at the end the actor says “Utsukushi sekai oh nokosanai to” or “We have to preserve this beautiful world”

Similar message using a child actor and two glasses of juice!

Here is a recent arty version.

Now your probably tired of my ranting so here is a little refreshment for you.

And finally here is the apology commercial from TEPCO that they have been airing on TV here since about a week after the disaster. Something to the effect of “we are really sorry for all the trouble we have caused to the residents of Fukushima, Japan and the World, etc., etc.,”

Well you know what?

Fuck you TEPCO

Fuck you!


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