Slope Gallery Charity Exhibition

Slope Gallery is putting on a nice charity exhibition for the Tohoku Earthquake victims. I have donated a photo from Tateyama, a nice B&W piece. It will be on display and for sale along with art and photos from the other names listed below. They have also set up a Ustream channel so even if you can’t get there you can check it out! More on this event as it happens.

Rebirth Exhibition
「LOVE is… LIFE is…」
■期間  4/20〜5/10(土、日、祝、5/2はお休み)
松田大児、豊田弘治、横山泰介、小林昭、櫛本喜彦、田中友規、ニール・ハートマン、芝田満之、広川泰士、佐藤卓、半沢健、本間日呂志、腰塚光晃、吉田洋平、戸倉康守、丸山正、田中勇輝、平尾香、文月悠光、ブルース・オズボーン、大村克巳、菊池崇、海原修平、岸俊一、坂田英一郎、中村竜、雷、向圭一郎 (順不同)


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