They don’t cover this on the news

But at least they put in on the web.

NHK coverage of a Rally in Tokyo against Nuclear power in Japan.

Click here for video footage

Thousands protest nuclear plants at Tokyo rally

About 4,500 people have rallied in Tokyo to call for the suspension of nuclear power plants.

The demonstrators gathered at Shiba Koen in central Tokyo and adopted a resolution calling for all nuclear plants in the country to be suspended and a nuclear-free society realized.

They marched through the streets of central Tokyo, holding banners and placards.

The protesters shouted, “Protect the children in Fukushima from radiation”, as they passed the head office of Tokyo Electric Power Company.

The citizens’ group that organized the demonstration says only about 100 people took part last year, but about 4,500 joined this year’s protest, the largest in the event’s history.

A member of the group, Hideyuki Ban, says the large turnout shows how the accident in Fukushima has raised the sense of crisis among the Japanese public, and they would like to further expand their activities.

The group plans to urge the government and political parties to work for the abolition of nuclear power.

Sunday, April 24, 2011 22:32 +0900 (JST)


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