Spring photo shoot

Spent a nice four days in the Higashikawa area with the Blueblood team shooting for their yearly catalog and advertisments. We were originally scheduled to hold the third annual “Fundays Event” in nagano, but it got cancelled due to the 3/11 Earthquake and Tsunami. So instead of the event we set up a spring shoot in the Tokachi mountains. We got super lucky with the weather, a late season storm rolled though last weekend and left a foot of snow on the mountains. We arrived on Monday and were actually able to get some powder turns on Tuesday at Kurodake. After that the snow crusted up a bit, but it was still fun in the sunshine on Wednesday at Asahidake and again on Friday. Thanks to the crew for a fun trip.

Asahidake bathed in sunset light on arrival Monday afternoon.

Hiking near the natural steam vents on Asahidake, as upossed to the steam venting at Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant.

Ken brought along his Lib Tech snowskate and rode top to bottom with good style.

Shinya carving the cat track

Hayato finds a power spot.

Ken getting chased.

Hokkaido road.


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