Back to building

Well I am back to my favorite hobby, construction work. To years ago I spent close to 6 months working to build a cafe here in my little town to Jozankei. See the photos below. The cafe unfortunately has been closed for good, due to a variety of reasons. In the end I think the cafe was only open slightly longer than the time it took to build it. It was a great chance to learn a lot about carpentry and I certainly filled out my toolbox with nice gear.

Second floor above the Ramen shop.  Notice the lack of anybody walking on the street.  Keep in mind this is downtown Jozankei.  Unfortunately this is not uncommon site.

The interior

So now I am back working on a new piece of property I own. Picked up a neighbors house recently and I am doing the rebuild myself, with a little help from my neighbor. There is nothing I dislike more than 30 year old Hokkaido houses, that have been remodeled Hokkaido Style about 20 years ago. I am sure some people out there can relate. Shitty veneer wood panel walls, ugly aluminum front door, too many small rooms etc., etc., well I have started by tearing out the entire kitchen some of the walling that was damaged and even the ceiling. Planning to lay new flooring, walls, and ceiling.

Turns out the ceiling was actually supported by a shelving unit that I tore out.  So had to create new supports to hang the ceiling from the support struts.  Wish I could get a hold of the original carpenter who built this house slap him around a little bit.  I have never seen such crappy construction.

Also tore out the tatami from the tatami room and replaced it with flooring originally used at the cafe.  First layed down some OSB boarding.

Will keep you posted on the progress.


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