State of the nations Nuclear Plants

60% of Japan’s reactors currently out of operation:There are 54 commercial reactors in the country. 14 of them are in shutdown due to earthquake or tsunami aftereffects. As of the 1st 18 were also shutdown for periodic inspections, coming to a total of 32 reactors or 60% of the the total amount of domestic reactors. At Kyushu Power’s Kawauchi plant, the #1 reactor was furthermore shutdown for periodic inspection. Kyushu Power owns 6 reactors, in addition to the Kawauchi #1, the restart of 2 reactors in Saga has been extended after the Fukushima incident. With half of their reactors in shutdown, Kyushu Power is examining other measures for providing power in the coming summertime.Due to government request Shizuoka’s Hamaoka plant is also expected to shutdown #4 and #5 reactors this week.In addition reactors previously scheduled for periodic inspection in the near future include Kashiwasaki’s #1 and #7 (Niigata), Mihama #3 (Fukui), Ooihatsu #4 (Fukui), Takahama #4 (Fukui) and Genkai #1 (Saga) for a total of 6 reactors.Power supply in the summer will be largely affected by the decisions of power companies and local authorities upon the relaunching of these reactors.


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