Meltdown finally made public

Well the Meltdown that basically everyone suspected days after the 3/11 9.0 has finally been made pubilc by TEPCO.

Now that things have settled down a bit here in Japan and especially in Tokyo I guess they deemed it a good time to make the announcement.

Interesting to note that the figure head of TEPCO resigned just a day or two before the Meltdown announcement was made. Rather nice timing don’t you think?

In this piece by RT an activist lays in out quite clearly, “if anything he is escaping responsibility, rather than taking responsibility”.

Personally I was sick and tired of looking at his emotionless face. The old folks who live in the Nursing home down the street from me have more expression than that dude.

Why don’t some of the residents from Fukushima’s evacuation zones offer up a nice retirement home for him? I am sure there are lots of houses available!


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