Radioactive beasts

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Shane Smith travels to Chernobyl back in 2007 to film this episode. They tour the exclusion zone and then try to hunt mutant boars with machine guns. Classic Russian madness. There are some classic comments and scenes in this video and I think it relflects a lot on the future of Fukushima. in 20 years will VBS come to japan to film an episode in the exclusion zone? Shane hunting wild mutant rabbits in Fukushima!? I guess that remains to be seen.

The mutant rabbits of Fukushima! They are coming for us!

The video that has gone viral in japan. Apparently showing a rabbit that was born without ears in Fukushima. No way to prove that the video was filmed in Fukushima or even when it was filmed, but it is out there for all to see and make their own judgement.


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