Once again Gil Scott Heron

I posted a few video’s earlier today from Gil Scott Heron. I thought I would choose a few more of my favorites to highlight the man who passed away yesterday. A sad passing for sure. I have long been a fan of GSH and would often search for 12″ copies of his music in record store. I have quite a few of his albums and always enjoyed not only his music but the amazing way he was able to weave in real social messages in the music through his poetry. If you are just discovering the man, take some time to watch his YouTube clips, then maybe download a few songs or an album they are all classics! RIP Gil we are gonna miss your voice!

Interesting to note that Gil was involved with the orginazation “Musicians for Safe Energy” and was quite opposed to Nuclear Energy. Here is a quote from Wikipedia.

“In 1979, Scott-Heron played at the No Nukes concerts at Madison Square Garden. The concerts were organized by Musicians United for Safe Energy to protest the use of nuclear energy following the Three Mile Island accident. Scott-Heron’s song “We Almost Lost Detroit”, written about a previous accident at a nuclear power plant, was included in the No Nukes album of concert highlights. (We Almost Lost Detroit is the title of a book about the accident by John G. Fuller.) Scott-Heron was a frequent critic of President Ronald Reagan and his conservative policies.”

Speaking of Ronald Reagan “who acted like a President” Here is the classic song by Gil about the man, “B-Movie”

or check it out live with French subtitles.

Now before we get to one of Gil’s classics here he is explaining the meaning behind the song title.


And here is the classic anti Nuclear power song

Is that Jazz!

And now one of Gil’s most recent tracks.

I’m New here

NY is killing me remix by Chris Cunninham.

Kind of a rough video, sound quality sucks, but nice to see the man laughing, smiling and singing strong about a year ago in NY.

Once again, thanks Gil!


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