The North Face Umeda station Osaka

Just got back from Osaka, a quick one night trip to shoot the interior of a new North Face store. I guess this was the renewal opening of a mall section located underneath the Japan Railway right next to the Umeda station. That whole area has undergone a major renovation with the Opening of a new huge mall right above the Osaka station. First time I have explored
around that area, will report on the city in a separate post, for now here are some photos from the store.

A North Face + store, which means the Helly Hansen brand is also featured along with a selection of outdoor gear from Stanley, Granite Gear and more. It is a spacious location with making for easy shopping, plus the whole mall is based on an outdoor theme so you can compare and shop other brands as well. Montbell has a huge shop in there with all their gear plus stuff like canoes and mountain bikes etc., I never really thought of Osaka station as an outdoor mecca, but I guess it is the stopping off point for people on the way to the mountains.


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