Window seat

One of my favorite photog’s Blotto often does blog posts under the title window seat. As a snowboard photographer for Burton Snowboards he travels all over the world and obviously he always asks for a window seat. Seeing his blog posts has inspired me to always try and get a window seat. I have been lucky recently on my travels up and down the Japanese archipelago, the flights have been pretty empty and I have my choice of seating! Here are a few shots from my trip to Osaka and back.

Some nice clouds to start off the trip.

Flying from Sapporo on the north island direct to the Kansai area takes a route over the west side, or Japan Sea side.  This is somewhere over Akita prefecture,  I am guessing.

Noticed a plane on the same flight path that seemed pretty close.  A few seconds after taking this shot our plane made a hard right bank and seemed to be putting some distance between this plane.

You know Japanese love golf when you see this picture.  Check out the number of courses nearing the Kobe area.

Man made island.

City of Kobe.

One shot from my flight back.  It was cloudy for most all of the flight.  I took a little nap near the end of the flight and woke up just once, looked out the window and saw this view.  Snapped a shot and went right back to sleep.  Located in Aomori Prefecture, it is called Shimokita peninsula.


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