Window Seat

Window seat camera review

A couple shots from my nice window seat on the flight back to Sapporo on Sunday. It was certainly a quick turn around this time. Only a day and a half at home and now I am back at the airport chilling in the lounge for a few minutes before getting on a flight to Toyama. Will be making the climb up to the top of Tateyama tomorrow to shoot the new North Face store that has opened there. Then will try to get in at least one good day hike to one of the peaks there, maybe just Ohyama 3000 Meters, all depends on the weather really. This is the first time for me to visit Tateyama at this time of year. I have been there probably 10 times now, but always with snow on the ground and always dragging a snowboard with me. Will be real nice to just walk around and shoot macro shots of the local wild flowers!

Speaking of which I bought a new camera before going to San Francisco. It is the Nikon D7000 and I thought I would share a few thoughts about it, here and now.

Up until now the only digital camera that I have really liked and enjoyed using has been my D700, everything else has pretty much been a disappointment. The D7000 has come though and now I have a new favorite. I won’t go into any specs as you can find that on a million websites with a quick search. Basically, I will tell you the number one thing that I like about this camera.

The shutter sound! Yes, I have always liked the shutter and winding sound on film cameras, so I have struggled to like the empty sound of digital cameras from my first D100 to the D2x and on to the D700. The D7000 though has turned a new page for me. I actually like the sound of it. It is quiet, some kind of new dampening mechanism working in there. This made me realize just how important the shutter sound is. If I like the sound of it, that means I will be more likely to keep pressing the shutter button, and that means more pictures which in the end will result in more good pictures. It is hard to pinpoint what it is about the sound that I actually like. It is crisp and clean and yet at the same time it is rather understated. It doesn’t scream, “Hey, I am a shutter on a digital camera, can you hear me?”.

I bought this camera specifically for the HD movie feature, the movies look great, and the ability to shoot 100% manually in movie mode is nice. The high ISO shooting looks great and overall it is easy to use. The only downside for photos is the fact that it is DX format and not the full frame which I prefer. Then again it is 16 mega pixels compared to the D700 with only 11 so the photo data is larger.

I actually chose to fly with the D7000 and three DX lenses for this trip to Tateyama. 18mm to 55mm, 55mm to 300mm and of course the 10.5 fish eye. The DX lenses are so light it is a pleasure to carry them when hiking around the mountains. Will post some results from the trip upon returning from the mountain.

Nikon D7000


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