Tateyama SLR photo selections

A few photos from my day and a half in Tateyama. These photos were shot with my new D7000 and processed with Aperture. All the earlier blog posts I made below were directly from my iPhone.

No it is not graffiti, just helping people find their way to the top when the fog gets thick.

Still a lot of snow up there, but the locals told us less than there was at the same time last year.

There were at least 6 or 7 snow crossings on the path up to Oyama.  Felt great to be back on snow again.  I did a little shoe boarding on the way down, nice to get that sliding feeling, even if only for a moment.

Small shrines are all over the mountain, some are probably hundreds of years old.

Local Toyama elementary school kids hiking down from the peak.  Had to wait close to ten minutes in some spots for the traffic jam to pass!  Great to see these kids hiking this kind of big mountain.

Shrine at the peak.

Decided to start my pin badge collection.

Feeling very purified now!  Ready to get back home and start editing the new Car Danchi 5.


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