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So I am in the final stages of editing the new Car Danchi movie. It has been a long and hard ten days trying to make sense of all the footage shot over the last two seasons. Since Car Danchi is not really about tricks or stunts or contests or any of that it makes it a little bit harder to put the pieces together. The snowboarding itself is just that, simply snowboarding, so it needs to have a really good flow and a bit of a story to keep the viewer interested. Somehow I seem to have been able to find that story and keep that flow going, and I am pretty stoked on the resulting film. Whatever it turns out to be, you can be sure it will be very different from anything else out there.

It looks like a September the 9th release date is possible, if I can keep everything together and get a master tape done by Monday.

The teaser will go online next Monday, so keep an eye out for that! In the meantime, check out some other recent snowboard teasers! Nice to know a lot of other people have been stuck in the editing room as well!

Think Thank super creative as always.

Standard in the game for 20 with the TB series! Respect.

Color Film Factory, also made in Hokkaido and also featuring Uemura well known from the Car Danchi series.

And of course the movie that the whole world is waiting for. T Rice and Brain Farm’s “The Art of Flight”


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