Car Danchi NO.5 first world premier!

The World premier of Car Danchi NO. 5 will be held in Aomori Prefecture’s Hakkoda on September the 10th!!! IF you are anywhere in the area, I sure hope you can stop by and watch the show!

We will be taking part in a full day event being held there on that date including a Flea Market, slideshow, live concerts from Hiroshi Fujiwara and Aorora and lots more. Car Danchi NO. 5 will be showing on the the big screen in the Hakkoda parking lot from 21:00 as the final event of the day.

The event also includes a trekking program the following day which I am planning on participating in as well! Should be a lot of fun and I am just stoked to be kicking off the movie premier series in one of Japan’s great mountain locations! Hakkoda is also featured in the new Car Danchi so it will be a lot of fun to share that with everyone there!

Guest riders will be Yuusuke Mino and Hayato Doi from the Car Danchi crew!

Check out the flyer below for more info.


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