Car Danchi NO.5 package debuts

The packaging for the new Car Danchi NO.5 has been completed and is ready for unveiling! Big thanks to my regular Car Danchi designer Etsu for the fantastic work again this time. She seems to know exactly what I want and it is a pleasure to have her designing the package.

The rider on the front cover is Mino Yuusuke, going deep into a front side turn somewhere in the backcountry of Hokkaido. Photo is by Key Sato!

The logo for the title includes a nice Anti-Nuclear message. I wanted to originally title the movie something like “Radioactive cars” or something like that, but in the end I decided to tone it down a bit and just use the NO Nukes logo in the title.

The backside is a classic with a nice line up of the riders featured in the movie and me and Filmer Tsukasa as well.

Here is the text from the package.

Keep your engines running, we are keeping the dream alive! The ultimate snowboarding lifestyle powder movie is back, after a two-year recharge! In this year 2011 even natural disasters and nuclear meltdowns could not stop this crew of determined dreamers. We drove, found and filmed the best powder spots in Japan, and we want to share it with you. A snowboard movie like no other, showcasing the “Art of the turn” in glorious powder definition, enjoy 50 minutes of winter bliss, and keep on dreaming!

And here is a bit of extra text I created as a promotion piece. A variation on the same theme. This one in Japanese and English.

車団地が帰ってきた。しかし今回は何をたくらんでるいるのか?それは根こそぎにちがいない。最高のパウダーを遠慮なくいただく車団地の住民。北国北海道から青森の八甲田や秋田の田沢湖まで滑り残しはない!その夢のようなスノーボードlifestyleを生きるメンバー達。今の厳しい現実を横乗りで脱出できるのか。彼らが求める夢の世界は、もちろん最高のpowder snow、世界平和、再生可能エネルギー、そして燃料リッター¥100以下。その日がくるまでみんなで力を合わして滑り続けましょう!夢は叶うものです!!!

The Car Danchi Crew is back! What have they got planned this time? They are taking no prisoners and leaving tracks everywhere they go. The crew has no mercy for untracked Powder from the North Island of Hokkaido, to Aomori’s Hakkoda and Akita’s Tazawako. Never satisfied until every course is tracked out, these guys are committed to keeping the dream alive. Will they be able to escape from the harsh reality of todays world? Follow the crew as they dream of a better world. One with Powder for everyone, World Peace, Renewable Energy, and Gasoline prices under a ¥100 per liter! Until that day arrives lets all stand sideways together and keep on riding. Dreams do come true.


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