Big event in Sapporo underground!

Car Danchi will be screening in the new Sapporo underground between Odori and Sapporo Station. The Kita 3-jo Hiroba to be exact! September the 25th from 5pm. Three snowboard/ski films will be showing, Absinthe “12”, Build 3, and Car Danchi 5 in that order. So Car Danchi will be on the screen from around 7pm. If you are in the downtown Sapporo area this coming Sunday, please stop by and check it out.

We will be selling copies of the movies with special limited edition Car Danchi stickers, see below. Also some limited edition framed photography will be on display and on sale. Photos by me and frames by Mino.

The event actually kicks off in the morning with special displays and the chance to buy a seasons pass at some of the local ski resorts, present giveaways and more. Check the ICI website for more details.

Limited edition Car Danchi 5 stickers, get one when you buy the DVD at the event.  Get them while they last.


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