San Diego, La Jolla

My home ground! Brings back good memories!

Drove straight to La Jolla from LA. The Freeway was backed up from an accident so we cruised straight to my zone at the Cove. Used to love that area, hung out there all the time. Also, did quite a few street performances there with my then partner Jamie Adkins as the “Blunder Twins.” Jamie is still at it performing around the world, check his site for more info. La Jolla is an upscale community and tourist destination in San Diego, first time for me to visit in more that 15 years. I was kind of shocked to see so many empty shops, as in no tenants. Used to be all full with gallery’s, shops etc., now kind of felt a little empty… The American economy???…. Will be checking out my roots around San Diego during the next few days.


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