The most hardcore

Check out this guy we discovered on the road two days ago.  I have named him Mr.Bear because of the stuffed animal strapped to the back of his bike.

We followed him for at least 15 minutes, watching him slip and slide along at about 17 kilometers per hour.  He was riding a Monkey bike 50cc with a back pack and plastic case.  His plates said his was from Yokohama and we wondered where he was going.  Finally we pulled up next to him and shouted, “where are you going”  His answer was simply “Furano”  Now you have to understand Furano is a 3 hour drive from that point in a car on a good day.  This was in the middle of one of the worst storms I have ever seen on hardcore driving conditions in a near white out.  I can only hope that Mr. Bear made it to Furano!

Respect to the hardcore.


We are having a record snow year here in Japan here is a little evidence.


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