Car Danchi journals day two

Today was a true Kamuimintara day! That is Ainu language for “playland of the Gods!” The Tokachi mountain range is generally referred to as the playland of the Gods, or you could take it to mean “The place where humans should not go”. Most days that is very much the case. High winds, cold temperatures, white outs, or just too much snow. Nature has a way of keeping people out of the high alpine wonder zones. Well today was one of those days when the Gods part the clouds and allow us to spend a few hours in their playland. We started hiking at 6:30am and ended up spending over 10 hours on the mountain! Hiking and riding some of the dream lines that Tokachi has to offer. There was a little wind blowing on a off throughout the day, but that is just how the Gods weed out those who should not be playing in their zone. We handled it just fine and in the end slashed the last bank with sunlight on it just after 4pm. As soon as we started to ride out I looked back and saw the clouds move in. Within less then two or three minutes the sky was cloudy and grey, the mountain peaks hidden once again, our time in the playland had run out.

With close to 10 years or riding and shooting in the Tokachi area I must say this is one of the best days I have ever had there. It just goes to show how few really good “Days” there are each season. It takes some serious alignment of the stars for everything to fall into place. In all those years I think I have only had 2 other full sunny days like today. How many more will I be able to enjoy in my lifetime? Who knows, never take a good day in the backcountry for granted!

A big thanks to the Car Danchi crew and the Kamui spirits and my Mother who’s Birthday was today, maybe that is what lined the stars up!


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