iPhone radiation detector

Yesterday at the Apple store in Tokyo I was checking out all the latest accessories available for Mac products. I discovered this cool gieger counter that works with iPhone or iPods. Had to get one. The price was even discounted about ¥10,000 from the sticker price. So it was something like ¥23,000!

Get one and share your info!

Not only can you get reading on you phone but you can then share your readings to a global map or FB Twitter etc. Great way to create a user based data bank of info.

Here is what the brand has to say about it.

“The Scosche RDTX-PRO empowers you to detect radiation levels with your iPod or iPhone. The solid-state design ensures consistently accurate gamma radiation detection. It requires no calibration and is conveniently lightweight and compact in size. The RDTX pro works exclusively with the radTEST App to share your results with friends around the globe and take control of protecting your world.”

Visit http://www.scosche.com/consumer-tech/product/2254 to find out more about the RDTX pro and the radTEST App.


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