Free movie

Hey get this free download from Surfer Magazine.  I am watching the movie right now and it is really good very inspiring!


Heart Films teaser

The new teaser for Heart Films Vol.6!  director Keiji working fast this year, got his teaser out early!

<p><a href=”″>HEART FILMS vol.6 Teaser</a> from <a href=”″>HEART FILMS</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Gallery is open!

My Instacanvas Gallery is now open and ready for business! is a new service that allows people to pick and order photos to be custom printed on canvas in three sizes and shipped directly to your door. Where do the photos come from? Instagram! the popular photo blogging service that Facebook thought important enough to pay a billion dollars for!

I personally think it is important enough to have shot and shared over 3500 photos with the application. It is fun and easy and now I have the opportunity to make some of those photos available for sale in my gallery. I have gone back and selected a bunch of shots that I like from my feed over the last three months. There is a little bit of winter photography, and some more recent shots from my two-week near Mt Fuji and even my trip to Okinawa where I am right now.

I plan to keep this gallery active and fresh and I have some interesting ideas how to utilize it. Check it out directly and bookmark if you like it check back every now and then! Thanks a lot and I hope you enjoy!

Family’s book published

Congratulations to my Mother and Step Father on the publication of their first book! Out now on It is a book about nutritional eating practices called the Eater’s Quest.

Last fall I spent a solid four hours talking with Genko Tano (in the car while driving to Grand Canyon) about wheat allergies and many of the unknown facts related to our modern-day diet. Fascinating stuff and I very glad that he has now been able to share his knowledge and experience with the world. Regardless of your dietary style or theory’s I recommend getting the book and having a read you will learn something for sure.

Eater’s Quest: A nutritional guide for life long health and wellness [Kindle Edition]

Check out the website here! Eater’s

We are all on a quest to discover the eating plan that will assure us lifelong health and vitality. Eater’s Quest is a guide to aid you in this journey. Learn about nutrition in a simple, easy to understand format that gives you immediate ideas to implement what you learn. The fundamentals of glycemic load will make it easy for you to select low glycemic carbohydrates.
You will be able to avoid inflammation in your body leading to pain and illness by choosing only anti-inflammatory foods. You will learn how to monitor your vital signs at home quickly and inexpensively. A variety of diet plans will be discussed giving you an idea of the infinite possibilities available when you begin your Eater’s Quest.

Maximum Athletisism

Killian Jornet is a well-known name in Trail-Running and Ski Mountaineering, now he is taking on a new project that combines all his skills with a few new ones. Check this out!

“Our steps follow our instinct and take us into the unknown.
We no longer see the obstacles behind us, but look forward to the ones ahead.”
Kilian is about to embark on some colossal personal challenges that will test his fitness, resolve and skills far beyond the reaches of his career so far. Combining his tremendous capacities for physical endurance with the mountain environment he is so passionate about, Kilian will undertake a number of feats throughout the coming years that stand to change our perception of human capabilities.
The multiple record holder and 3-time winner of the Mont Blanc ultra trail will bring together the sports of ski alpinism and ultra running as he attempts a series of mountain routes in ground-breaking style – several of them never attempted previously. This spectacular journey will redefine the idea of ‘traveling light’ with technical equipment and back up kept to a bare minimum. The powerful force of nature will provide a rich backdrop for encounters with the natural world and humanity as Kilian attempts the ‘Summits of My Life’.
The project begins this summer in the Mont Blanc massif, where Kilian will set out on two incredible mountain trips, traversing the massif from east to west (Champex to les Contamines) on skis, and then from south to north (Courmayeur to Chamonix) climbing and running. Neither of these routes have been attempted in previously. The project will continue into the coming years, with record attempts planned on Mount Elbrus, the Matterhorn, a speed attempt of Mont Blanc, Mount Mckinley, Aconcagua, and all culminating in an exciting expedition to the roof of the world, Mount Everest.
Montaz-Rosset film are delighted to be part of this incredible project – follow the action on the project website and join us on facebook.
“It’s not about being the fastest, the strongest or the biggest.
It’s about being ourselves.”

Vice guide to Karachi

I really enjoyed watching this 5 part series on Karachi from the Vice site. I love the street level journalism that Vice has pioneered, you really get an idea what it is like to be there and what is really going on. Check out the last episode where the host and interviewer Suroosh Alvi, actually rides in a car with a hit man and talks to him about his life and “work”. I don’t think you would see that happen on CNN. Keep up the good work Vice!