Family’s book published

Congratulations to my Mother and Step Father on the publication of their first book! Out now on It is a book about nutritional eating practices called the Eater’s Quest.

Last fall I spent a solid four hours talking with Genko Tano (in the car while driving to Grand Canyon) about wheat allergies and many of the unknown facts related to our modern-day diet. Fascinating stuff and I very glad that he has now been able to share his knowledge and experience with the world. Regardless of your dietary style or theory’s I recommend getting the book and having a read you will learn something for sure.

Eater’s Quest: A nutritional guide for life long health and wellness [Kindle Edition]

Check out the website here! Eater’s

We are all on a quest to discover the eating plan that will assure us lifelong health and vitality. Eater’s Quest is a guide to aid you in this journey. Learn about nutrition in a simple, easy to understand format that gives you immediate ideas to implement what you learn. The fundamentals of glycemic load will make it easy for you to select low glycemic carbohydrates.
You will be able to avoid inflammation in your body leading to pain and illness by choosing only anti-inflammatory foods. You will learn how to monitor your vital signs at home quickly and inexpensively. A variety of diet plans will be discussed giving you an idea of the infinite possibilities available when you begin your Eater’s Quest.


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