Flight to Nagoya!

Heading to Ise Jingu for a photo shoot with HF!


Tomamu cat tour with Mino Yusuke

Arrived in Tomamu in time for lunch then spent a nice afternoon cruising for powder! Tomamu beautiful as always!

Car Danchi family portraits

Thanks again to Thomas for visiting the Car Danchi family and continuing to work on his series of photos and portraits with the Car Danchi family. You can take a look at some of his work from last year on the new website. Many of the Car Danchi crew are represented! Great stuff.


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Blotto was here!

The legendary photographer Blotto has been hanging around Sapporo for the last week or so. Blotto always makes the coolest blog posts filled with short stories and great travel photos, check out his reports from Sapporo! I was not able to meet up with Blotto and his crew this time, but hopefully he will be back again next year! Thanks for stopping in!


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Field Life Magazine online

The first winter photo shoot/trip I went on this season was a two night camping trip to Tokachidake, early December. The snow was incredible, and we were super lucky with the weather. While the Japan sea-side of Hokkaido was getting hammered with snow we were blessed with sunny conditions. It was pretty cold though, my first winter camping experience was -20 degrees! Thanks to Hobo Jun, Fukutaki, Chunchun and our guide Fuji Ken!

You can check out the whole magazine online here.


The website here


Here are a few screen shots of the story with my photos.

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Kyashar Expedition movie!

A movie I produced recently for THE NORTH FACE Japan, check out the amazing story of the teams climb as told by Hiroyoshi Manome!

Expedition to Kyashar South Pillar First Ascent
“The Nima Line”
Climbing team: Yasuhiro Hanatani, Hiroyoshi Manome, Tatsuya Aoki
Kyashar Expedition dates: 2012/11/6~12

The Japanese climbing team including THE NORTH FACE alpine climber Hiroyoshi Manome succeeded in summiting Kyashar (6760m) in the Khumbu region of Nepal on the previously unclimbed south pillar. Leaving base camp on the 6th of November they climbed for five days to reach the peak on the 11th at 4pm. Hiroyoshi Manome describes the climb in detail in this in-depth interview. Photos and video from the climb show the simplicity of the alpine style with which they climbed. The first in a new series from THE NORTH FACE Japan “The Climbers Story” “The Nima Line”

“The Nima Line”
キャシャール峰(6760m)南ピラー 初登攀
Member:花谷泰広/Yasuhiro Hanatani(36歳)、馬目弘仁/Hiroyoshi Manome(43歳)、青木達哉/Tatsuya Aoki(28歳)