Neil Weblog Archive and Contact

As you have probably noticed Neil has been very busy ever since the release of Car Danchi 7th Gear, the latest in his series of films.  Finding time to write stories for this blog has become very difficult and he has focused mainly on keeping fans and friends informed via his Facebook account, tied into Instagram photos and Twitter messages.  You can see his Twitter Feed to the right on this page.  He would like to encourage everyone to follow his personal Facebook page which can be easily found by doing a Google search on his name.  If you are not a friend he would be more than happy to establish a friendship through FB. It would be better to contact Neil through the FB message system, if you have a comment to make or share with others.

This blog page will remain activated as it provides a very valuable resource of his history going back to September 2007. Also, the links to many of his favorite sites will be maintained and added to for they provide some great information on a variety of topics.  Whenever things change and there is time to add important information to this weblog once again, I am sure he will do it.

Neil’s Dad