Trip Your Travel movie taking off

Very happy with the reception that “Trip Your Travel” movie is getting on The North Face YouTube channel! This is something new for me, a project non winter related, non snowboarding related, non Car Danchi related etc., This is a fashion based movie made to promote a line of clothing by The North Face, but you won’t really know it until the end. If you like California, travel, West coast lifestyle etc., take 10 minutes to check it out! Also check out the great music from Ted Russel Kamp and Clint Lapointe that I was able to use for the soundtrack.

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 10.48.18 AM

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 10.54.54 AM


Blueblood Catalog 2011

This catalog made its debut in Japanese snowboard shops a few weeks ago, but I was to busy with the editing of Car Danchi to blog it up. Quite proud of this one, I think it is the best Blueblood catalog to date! We have been at it for ten years, so this is a special one for sure. Nice photos, nice paper, nice size, if you find one at a snowboard shop near you grab one. For a list of shops around the country check the Blueblood website here.

All photos by Neil and Key photo!

Women’s style book

The North Face has come out with a small pocket-sized Women’s Mountain Style book for the upcoming fall-winter season.  They chose three of my photos for the project.  Two shots from Kirkwood, California and one shot from Tateyama, a riding shot featuring Miyake Yoko.

Nice quality printing on paper that feels cool to the touch.  The photos turned out well, with a nice contrast.  Here is a look.

I did not shoot the fashion photos, but thought I would share one here.

The North Face 40th

The web site for the North Face 40th annivesary event is now up and running.  Check it out, great design and lots of cool information.  You can even check out all The North Face catalogs from the late 60’s until now.  The first two years B&W catalogs are my favorite.  Pretty much all the photos you will see are my shots from the event in November.  Thanks to the North Face staff for a great job on the web site and making my work look good!

The white dome tent was custom made for this event.



I think you can also buy some original products from the web site.


One of the classic North Face tents from the 70’s.  This one also a remake.



On line catalogs all scanned and viewable.  The 68 and 69 catalogs are true classics.


Enjoy the site, not sure how long this one will be on line so get there soon.

Blueblood catalog is out!

The Blueblood catalog arrived yesterday here at the house. Probably is availible at your local snowboard shop! The print quality and photos look great! Big Big thanks to the Blueblood staff, Etsu, Ishigu, Tozawa, Yohei and Ozawa, and everybody who worked hard to bring this together. We have been making these catalogs together for about 6 or 7 years now and they do keep getting better and better.

Also check out the web site where you can mix your own jacket and pants to make a virtual set up right on the web site. Cool concept for those who have trouble deciding what color pants go with what color jacket!

Snowstyle catalog issue out!

The Snowstyle magazine catalog issue arrived yesterday! Huge issue again this year. How can the industry be in a decline/recession when there are that many brands out there!

The Snowstyle issue comes with a free DVD called Ultimate Butter featuring Simon Chamberlain and it says classic butter footage from Iguchi, Jamie, Ranquet and more. Snowstyle has a good connection with Mack Dawg Productions and always seems to get those cool DVD selections from Mack Dawg to give away with the magazine.

I have one photo in the magazine, but was not expecting to have any photos published in the catalog issue so that was a nice surprise. A scenic shot from Asahidake I took last year when guiding the David Benedek crew around Hokkaido. Nice sunset shot from the gondola. Check it out!