Japan needs to recognize…

That it has a serious problem! A quote from the latest video offering from my hero at Fairewinds, Arnie Gunderson. As usual Arnie steps up with solid info on the latest developments at Fukushima and really explains things nicely, although the news he presents is not that great.

Take 10 minutes watch the video and pass it along, is there anybody out there that can start translating Arnie’s videos and adding subtitles for the Japanese public? They need to hear this stuff.


New article on Japan Subculture

Good new article on Japan Subculture website that highlights the riduculus relationship between Power plants and safety watchdog groups. A slap on the wrist style of management… Full article follow this link.


Kanto Radiation monitoring

The Kanto area has started doing more radiation monitoring at a variety of locations around the region. I highly recommend checking the numbers even if you are not in the area. Good to have in your knowledge base.

Here is an overview in English, the actual data is all in Japanese, google translate will help.

For Tokyo area in Japanese.

For Gunma area

Rankin Taxi and Ainu Dub Band!

New Anti-Nuclear song out on YouTube now! Love this track! A long time Japanese reggae star, “Rankin Taxi” has teamed up with the seminal Ainu band from right here in Hokkaido, “Ainu Dub Band”. An instant classic that will probably not be getting much air time on the major radio stations.

Watch it here with english or Japanese subtitles. Then post/twitter/facebook etc.,! Spread the word!

Koide makes a good point

Radio program with Kyoto Professor Koide. ほんとのはなし きいてくれ

Concerning the melt down in Reactor 1.

In the first 1 minute he says that TEPCO has either known about the meltdown the whole time, or they are in such a state of disarray that they couldn’t figure it out until now two month after the fact.

According to Koide the latter is more worrisome than the first….


This is some info in Japanese about the Nuclear Power Plant called Monju in I think its, Ishikawa prefecture. Still in the building stages, from what I heard they had an accident there on March the 6th, just before the Earthquake. The news about that got lost due to the 9.0 Check it out if you can read. Click the link below for the full PDF version.


Or click this link for even more.